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We Ordered 7 Fast-Food Breakfast Sandwiches to Find the Best One

Burger King is a fast breakfast option, but their croissant sandwich was small and squished. The speedy service was good, but the eggs lacked texture and the sausage needed more seasoning.

Burger King

Dunkin' offers sausage, egg, and cheese sandwiches with croissant, bagel, or English muffin options. I chose the croissant, which was over-toasted. 


McDonald's breakfast sandwich tasted different than I remembered. The sausage patty lacked flavor compared to the past. 


Wendy's breakfast sandwich on a biscuit bun didn't stand out in flavor. I heard they are working to improve their breakfast menu, so there's hope for better options in the future.


Panera's breakfast sandwiches are served on ciabatta or brioche. I chose ciabatta, but it wasn't the best fit. 


Chick-fil-A's breakfast sandwich features a tasty biscuit bun with fluffy eggs and real cheese. The sausage patty needed more seasoning, making this sandwich the runner-up in my taste test.


Starbucks surprised me with their sausage, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwich. The well-seasoned sausage patty made it stand out among the rest, proving their food options are worth trying.