Top 10 Largest Rivers in the USA in 2024

With its well-known meandering route and strong currents, the Mississippi River is not just a geographical wonder but also a vital component of American culture and the nation's economy.

Mississippi River

This enormous river springs in the breathtaking Rocky Mountains of western Montana and flows with unshakable force and purpose through the American heartland.

Missouri River

The about 336,000 square mile Rio Grande River is a vital conduit for cities it flows through as well as a border between nations. It is also a river of immense natural beauty and cultural significance. 

Rio Grande

With a surface area of more than 330,000 square miles, the Yukon River represents the ruggedness and natural splendor of Alaska and the Canadian Yukon Territory.

Yukon River

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Red River

 It rises from its headwaters in the Texas Panhandle to its confluence with the Atchafalaya River in Louisiana, covering an area of around 287,500 square miles.

Columbia River

Stretching across 258,000 square miles from its headwaters in the Canadian Rockies to its mouth at the Pacific Ocean in Oregon, the magnificent Columbia River is a symbol of the Pacific Northwest.

Colorado River

From its headwaters in the Colorado Rocky Mountains to its delta in the Gulf of California, the Colorado River spans 246,000 square miles and serves as a lifeline for the parched Southwest of the United States.

Ohio River

Stretching 170,000 square miles from its headwaters in Colorado's Rocky Mountains to its confluence with the Mississippi River in Arkansas, the Arkansas River is a significant waterway in the heart of the American West.

Arkansas River

Strong and well-known, the Snake River meanders through the untamed areas of the American West.

Snake River