These 9 '90s Bob Trends Are Making a Major Comeback

The Bixie

When Winona Ryder first sported this haircut, it wasn't called a "bixie." But now it's a staple. Combining the bob and pixie, it offers versatility with a bubbled bob length in front and a pixie-esque crop in the back.

The Blunt Bob

Popularized by '90s supermodels like Naomi Campbell, the blunt bob remains a timeless trend. Celebrities like Lori Harvey and Kourtney Kardashian still opt for its sharp, straight lines today.

The Bubble Bob

Actresses like Nia Long rocked the bubble bob in the '90s, and today stars like Ciara keep the trend alive. With tucked ends for volume, it's a playful style ideal for those with thick, textured hair.

The Cropped Bob

Inspired by '90s icons like Cameron Diaz, cropped bobs are back in style. Model-influencers like Kaia Gerber bring a modern twist with effortless chin-length cuts, perfect for a lived-in look.

The Curly Bob

Tracee Ellis Ross and Sarah Jessica Parker rocked chic curly bobs in the '90s. Now, Yara Shahidi showcases stunning short haircuts with natural texture, proving curly bobs are timeless and elegant.

The Flippy Bob

A retro favorite dating back to the '50s and '60s, flippy bobs made a '90s comeback with Drew Barrymore. Icons like Taraji P. Henson keep it fresh today with high-shine hair and boldly flared ends.

The Posh Bob

Inspired by Victoria Beckham's iconic look as Posh Spice, the center-parted bob is sleek and shiny. Selena Gomez gives it a modern twist, adding slight curls for extra flair.

The Rachel Bob

Jennifer Aniston's layered "Rachel" cut defined '90s style. Today, the lob remains sleeker and straighter, with the deep side part still a signature element of the timeless look.

The Supermodel Bob

Characterized by voluminous curls, the supermodel bob was a '90s favorite. Icons like Christy Turlington and Naomi Campbell rocked it then, and now celebrities like Sydney Sweeney and Zendaya bring back the big.