The Weirdest Tourist Attraction in Every State

New Mexico:

If you re interested in weird roadside attractions, happen to be passing through New Mexico and have already seen all that Roswell which is so much more than just an attraction has to offer, no worries. 


Forget the Bermuda Triangle. If you re driving around Oregon and happen to be around Gold Hill, you have to check out the Oregon Vortex a a strange world where the improbable is the commonplace and everyday physical facts are reversed .


You don t need to travel to Europe to see a medieval castle with your own eyes you only need to travel to the San Isabel National Forest to see Bishop Castle, a 160-foot tall structure with multiple towers, a drawbridge, catwalks, and even a fire-breathing dragon.


What s so weird about a state capitol building After all, every state has one right? Offices, legislative chambers, yada yada yada well, the Georgia State Capitol Building has something that other state capitol buildings don t.


One of the most classic roadside attraction genres in North America has to be World s Largest And while it s rarely worth it to go out of your way to see just one, you can save time by visiting Casey.

New Hampshire:

One rock, six words, and one whimsical story: it s the Chicken Farmer Rock on Route 103 in Newbury, New Hampshire. Painted on a granite rock face in, appropriately enough, the Granite State, is a rudimentary mural with white words on red paint declaring.


Las Vegas. Red Rock. Area 51. It seems like every attraction in Nevada is weird already. But if you want to out-weird them all, forget Circus Circus and drive out to the Clown Motel on Main Street in Tonopah, Nevada.