Items from the 80s That Can Fetch a Fortune Today

Garbage Pail Kids Cards

These cards can fetch big bucks! The Adam bomb card sold for over $4,000! Some are up for auction, with bids in the hundreds.

Laser Light Skeletor

Rare Laser Light Skeletor figures are valued at over $10,000! Released only in Italy and Spain, scarcity drives up the price.

Air Raid Video Game By Atari

Got an old Air Raid game? It's worth over $30,000 now! Only two boxed copies are known to exist, making it super rare.

Thundercats Lion-O Action Figure

A mint-condition Lion-O figure can earn you over $2,000! In 2015, one sold for nearly $2,800.

American Girl Dolls

Original 1986 dolls can fetch thousands if complete with accessories. Samantha doll alone sold for $4,200!

Star Wars Ewok Combat Playpack

Sealed Ewok Combat Playpacks now worth around $6,000! Don't miss out on cashing in on Star Wars fever.

"Astronaut B" Pez Dispenser

Only two made for 1982 World's Fair. Sold for $32,000 each in 2006. Imagine owning one!

U2 "All I Want Is You" Purple Vinyl Album Boxed Set

Rare Aussie release from 1989. Valued at nearly $4,000. Check your local vinyl store!