Interesting Things To Do In Antigua Guatemala

Visit The Santa Catalina Arch

Built-in 1694, The Santa Catalina Arch is one of the remaining reminders of Antigua s colonial past. When it was first constructed, it was used to connect a convent and a school with a secret walkway for the nuns to travel between the two while staying hidden.

Hike To The Hill Of The Cross

You can enjoy the weather even more by going on The Hill of the Cross, which is one of the most well-known walks in the city. People like to do this during the day. In Spanish, it's called Cerro de la Cruz.

Visit The Convento De Las Capuchinas

This monastery dates from 1731-1736. Formerly home to Spanish Nuns and Monks. Before an earthquake destroyed most of it. The beautiful flowers around the property brighten up a dilapidated old structure.

Visit The Ancient Book Museum

This unusual museum showcases Guatemalan print styles. Formerly the city's first printing press, the museum opened in the 1950s. Today, a replica is there.

Be A Hobbit For A Day In Hobbitenango

Hobbitenango is a fantasy paradise. This eco-friendly hobbit hotel is loosely modelled on the Lord of the Rings series and has numerous exciting features. Mini golf, archery, souvenirs, the restaurant.

Visit The Unique Starbucks

Usually, I wouldn't recommend Starbucks. Something about Antigua's is special. This Starbucks serves the standard menu choices, but also has vivid paintings, rocking seats, a plant-filled patio, and water fountains.

Experience The Nightlife

Technically, every city has a bar to check out after hours, but Antigua has a few tourist favourites. Reilly s Irish tavern is a spacious nightclub where you ll find a mix of expats and backpackers drinking at the end of the night.