9 Simple & Effective Exercises That Burn the Most Calories

Running on your knees is a strenuous aerobic exercise. It tones your lower body and increases heart rate. High-knee running is a good high-intensity workout that helps you burn calories quickly.

High-knee running

Similar to high-knee jogging, butt kicks are an aerobic exercise. If you perform butt kicks at a high intensity, you can burn calories quickly—about thirty minutes.

Butt kicks

A full-body workout and aerobic exercise combined is the mountain climber. You will burn a lot of calories quickly because the entire body must be used.

Mountain climbers

Swimming is a low-impact exercise that increases heart and lung capacity, blood flow, muscle strength, and energy expenditure.


If you have access to a stationary bike, consider doing short bursts of intense riding. In just thirty minutes, stationary cycling may burn a substantial amount of calories as a hard aerobic workout.

Stationary bicycling

Running is generally the best activity for burning calories. If you're pressed for time, you can still get in a quick exercise by doing high-intensity sprints instead of running.


The easiest approach to burn calories at home is to walk. Additionally, it's perfect if you're healing after an injury. It's quite convenient because you can do it in your lawn or around your house.


Calorie-burning exercises aren’t limited to running and high-intensity training. If you like to dance, you can burn calories by doing a high-energy dance workout at home.

Aerobic dance

A simple cardio activity that increases heart rate is jumping jacks. It provides an amazing full-body workout as well. Jumping jacks are simple to perform at home because you don't need a lot of room.

Jumping jacks