9 Old-Fashioned Cocktails Everyone Should Order at Least Once

Pisco Sour

Originating from Peru, the Pisco Sour is not only iconic in South America but has gained popularity globally. Made with pisco, lime, egg white, and simple syrup, it offers a delightful balance.


With its roots in New York City's Manhattan Club around 1880, this cocktail is a timeless favorite. Featuring bourbon or rye, sweet vermouth, and bitters, it's a sophisticated blend.


This classic sour cocktail boasts a perfect balance of cognac, Cointreau, fresh lemon juice, and optionally, a sugar-coated rim. Its origins trace back to the early 20th century.

Kir Royale

Elevating the elegance of Champagne, the Kir Royale combines Chambord or Crème de Cassis with champagne for a luxurious and drink. Perfect for special occasions, it exudes sophistication.

Mai Tai

Originating from Polynesia, the Mai Tai is a tropical delight featuring rum, lime juice, Orgeat almond syrup, and orange curaçao. With its colorful variations and sweet yet complex flavors.

The Salty Dog

A refreshing twist on the classic greyhound cocktail, the Salty Dog features gin or vodka, fresh grapefruit juice, and a salt-rimmed glass. Ideal for summertime sipping, it offers a perfect balance of tartness.


A staple in cocktail culture, the Margarita combines tequila, lime juice, and agave syrup for a refreshing and tangy drink. Whether served on the rocks or blended into a frozen concoction.


Popular in Mexico, the Paloma cocktail features mescal or tequila, fresh grapefruit juice, lime juice, and club soda. Its effervescence and bittersweet flavor profile make it a beloved choice.

The French 75

This elegant cocktail, made with gin, champagne, simple syrup, and lemon juice, has a fascinating history dating back to the 1920s in Paris. With its effervescence and citrusy notes.