9 Ideas for Wedding Nails for Every Kind of Bride

Abstract Art

Nail art adds unique flair to a traditional look. This bride chose a nude base with white shapes for a multi-day affair in Laguna Beach, making her elongated nails stand out.

Floral Appliqués

At a floral-filled event, bedeck bridal nails with 3D floral accents. This bride in Vietnam showcased floral appliqués on one nail, adding a subtle, nature-inspired touch.

Pearlescent Finish

For timeless elegance, try pearlescent nails like this bride in Barcelona. The pearly sheen complements pearl accessories and adds a modern twist to your bridal look.

Nature Motif

Add playful illustrations like butterflies and flowers to your nails. This bride in Montecito matched her nail designs to her wedding dress embroidery for a cohesive look.

Blush Pink

Blush pink nails are a classic choice. This soft pastel hue, worn by a bride at her Washington wedding, is versatile and flattering, suiting any bridal style or wedding aesthetic.

Wispy Lines

For a whimsical design, opt for abstract white lines like this bride at her California wedding. Vary the thickness and placement of the lines for a unique look on each nail.

Daisy Details

Spring brides can illustrate daisies on light pink polish. This design features incomplete daisies near the nail edges, creating the effect of one continuous floral pattern.

Sequined Adornments

Enhance a French manicure with tiny diamond embellishments. This Brooklyn bride added sparkle to complement her diamond ring and sequined wedding dress.

Patterned Neutrals

Mix nudes, whites, and creams for a sophisticated look. This bride used a darker base with lighter art, making the designs pop and adding elegance to her wedding nails.