9 Easy Hairstyles To Know If You're Always Late

Half-Up Braid

Upgrade a basic half-up style with a simple braid. Wrap a piece of hair around the hair tie for a seamless look, bringing attention to your style and face.

Half-Up Topknot

Add a touch of gold with a metal bun cuff to your half-up top knot. For a messy edge, try using a claw clip instead.

Scarf Bun

Enhance a low bun by wrapping it with a silk scarf. Choose a seasonal scarf for a themed look or an all-season favorite for a quick style.

Easy Half-Up Style

A classic half-up style is beginner-friendly and quick. Use a fun accessory to complete the look in seconds.

Easy Perky Ponytail

Revive second-day hair with a high ponytail. Spray with dry shampoo, wrap a strand around the base to hide the elastic, and accessorize with barrettes.

Clipped Side Braid

Start with a Dutch braid and layer it with bar clips or ribbon for extra attention. Switch to a regular or French braid if preferred.

Inside-Out Ponytail

Transform a basic ponytail by flipping it inside out. This stylish look is perfect for transitioning from work to an evening out.

Baby Clips

Pin back one side of your hair with mix-and-match baby clips for an Old Hollywood-style. These timeless accessories are perfect for dressing up any look.

Wrapped Pixie

Pixie cuts can be styled with volume and a headband wrap for instant flair. Using textiles in your hairstyle reflects your personal vibe.