9 Discontinued Diet Sodas You'll Never See Again


According to Beverage Daily, Coca-Cola's TaB diet soda refreshed its last in 2020, which is arguably the largest loss in the perspective of many diet soda enthusiasts

Diet Pepsi A.M.

Nutrition The diet variant of Pepsi A.M. was sold by Pepsi in the latter part of the 1980s. The sodas tasted just like regular Pepsi, with the notable exception that they had 25% more caffeine

Diet Crystal Pepsi

Oh, the lofty expectations people had for Crystal Clear Coke and Crystal Pepsi. Not to mention Diet Crystal Pepsi, which was introduced in 1992. Unlike neon-colored crop tops and statement earrings

Tab Clear

Coca-Cola developed Tab Clear as a response to Crystal Pepsi. This Mental Floss article claims that Tab Clear was actually intended to fail and bring Crystal Pepsi down with it

Pepsi Light

Introduced in 1975, this soda is sweetened with saccharine and has a hint of lemon flavor. It was said that the unpleasant taste of saccharine was covered up by the lemon flavor. That was abandoned in the late 1980s.

Diet Coke Plus

According to Scientific American, the Coca-Cola Company positioned Diet Coke Plus, also known as Coca-Cola Light Plus in some international markets, as a healthy beverage since it has a high concentration of vitamins

Diet Hubba Bubba Soda

It's understandable why a diet soda with a bubble gum flavor didn't catch on. Furthermore, you probably won't be shocked if the bubble gum-flavored drink you've ever had fizzles out either

Diet 7UP Gold

7UP Gold was a caffeinated, spicy, sugar-free drink. This throwback to the 1980s was even less of a hit than the sweetened 7UP Gold, which tasted like nostalgic spiced ginger ale

Diet Jolt Cola

For many years, Jolt Cola had an ardent fan base. This liquid energy source was available on stores long before energy drinks became popular, and it had twice as much caffeine as a typical cola.