8 Weird Looking Creatures From Around the World

Nudibranchs: These shell-less sea slugs breathe through gills and come in vibrant colors and patterns. Some species use the venom of their prey as a defense mechanism.

Flying Fish: With flared pectoral fins, flying fish can glide above water for up to 650 feet. They sometimes become prey to birds when they leap out of the water.

Giant Clams: Weighing up to 440 pounds, giant clams are filter feeders that consume plankton. They open their shells during the day to feed and close them at night, leading to misconceptions about trapping divers.

Vietnamese Long-Nosed Snake: Known for its long, pointed nose, this non-venomous snake dines on small rodents and lives in subtropical rainforests.

Proboscis Monkeys: Both male and female proboscis monkeys have unusual noses, with males' noses dangling downward and females' noses upturned. Larger noses in males may aid in communication during mating season.

Echidnas: Often called spiny anteaters, echidnas possess traits like a beak, spines, the ability to lay eggs, and a pouch. They are one of only five egg-laying mammals in the world.

Pangolins: Covered in scales, pangolins are the only mammals fully covered in scales. They use their scales as a defense mechanism by curling into a ball when threatened.

Northern Fur Seals: These seals spend most of the year in the ocean and have small heads, short snouts, and large bodies. Despite their appearance, they are extremely agile thanks to their long, strong flippers.