8 Top Transitional Interior Design Must-Haves for the Perfect Home

Non-Traditional Chandelier

Make good lighting a highlight in a transitional decor. Replace the crystal chandelier with something else. Its beauty and functionality make it a transitional home design need.

Prioritize Comfort & Functionality

When choosing furniture for such a room, consider these two values. Find stylish, functional, and comfortable items like a large armchair or upholstered bed frame.

Exquisite Area Rugs

A beautiful area rug anchors key furniture. A dramatic oriental area rug adds old-world charm to contemporary furnishings. Instead, use a modern geometric rug for classic settings.

Tufted Headboards

Like a Chesterfield sofa in your bedroom with a tufted headboard. It complements transitional decor wonderfully. You may choose to contrast its ornate design with basic yet soft bedding.

Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

Shaker-style woodwork adds elegance and depth to transitional interiors. This adaptable element looks great on walls and kitchen cabinets.

Add Chic & Durable Curtains

Use drapes to frame windows in a transitional lounge, nursery, or other area. Their natural tones soften contemporary objects and provide refinement to homes.

Neutral Color Scheme

Transitional living rooms, bathrooms, home offices, and more use neutral color schemes. It highlights ignored design elements like crisp lines.

Style Photos & Artwork

Transitional design combines modern and classic elements. To show the look's history, use mixed art. Showcase your favorite old and new creations.