1. Classic Red

There is no bad choice when it comes to nail polish. "Red nails never go out of style and are a strong favorite among our clients at Townhouse."

2. Nude

Nude nails are always a good choice if you want something a little less flashy. Trends this year have been for nails that look more natural, but pink nails will always be in style.

3. Vibrant Blue

That being said, this is a trendy and daring nail color, but it is also a strong classic that looks good all year. "This bright splash of color is all you will need this summer."

4. Burgundy

During the fall and winter, everyone always styles their nails in red. "The color burundy, which has always been beautiful, has solidified its position as the ultimate classic."

5. Barbie Pink

Right now, everyone is into Barbie, but hot pink nails have always been in style. "It makes me feel good."

6. Forest Green

There are fun shades of green nails to wear all year, but forest green is the best choice for a color that will never go out of style. "Nails that are forest green always look good."

7. Creamy White

Whites that are creamy go with almost everything and can make your outfit look chic. "A pale nail is better than a bright white one."

8. French Tips

We know this is not really a color, but we can not remember a time when a French manicure was not in style. "French tips come in a lot of different forms."