8 Mistakes to Avoid on a Road Trip, According to Experts

Not Planning

The freedom to be spontaneous on a road vacation is a major draw. Since new sites appear around every bend, it's hard to plan every stop. However, organize your road trip to keep track of time and balance each day. 

Foregoing a Routine Check-Up on Your Vehicle

Check out your car before a road trip, regardless of the circumstances. Before a long trip, the auto shop can identify any problem areas.

Not Having An Emergency Plan

I don't want to spread bad vibes, but it's very important to have a plan for what to do if something goes wrong on a car trip. A good safety measure to take before a trip is to sign up with a company like AAA.

Not Planning Ahead for Cheap Gas

This part is often unavoidable, but gas station stops are interminable on an Interstate. Search online or use Gas Buddy to identify cheap pumps while driving. Remember that petrol prices rise during peak travel seasons and are cheaper off the highway.

Becoming A Target For Thieves

Being robbed while road tripping is the worst. To avoid this, remove valuables from the car or hide them. Install a car alarm to notify you of a break-in.

Taking Shortcuts

Having to be on the road for hours on end and wanting to get from A to B as quickly as possible makes me very antsy. It's not always a good idea to cut corners, though. 

Driving Too Far In One Day

One of the main reasons people get into car crashes is that they are tired, so you don't want to take that chance. You should plan for a lot of breaks or, better yet, have other people drive with you if you can.

Accounting for Busy Travel Times

Spring break, summer, and holidays are the busiest driving times. You should check your route to see if you'll be passing through any busy cities so you can avoid rush hour.