8 Animals That Are Smarter Than a 5-Year-Old


About 98.8% of our DNA is shared with chimpanzees, making them our closest animal cousins. They are just as smart as a human child because they can use tools, have complicated social systems, and learn sign language.


The amount of brain to body mass in dolphins is one of the highest in the animal world. Dolphins are known for being socially intelligent. They can see themselves in mirrors and solve hard problems.


This animal has three times the brain size of a person, making it the biggest land animal. They remember things, understand other people, are self-aware, and can use tools.


Researchers have found that crows can solve problems just as well as a 7-year-old child. They can use sticks to make tools and even understand complicated ideas like how water moves.


Parrots, particularly African Grey Parrots, have been shown to have the same level of intelligence as a human child aged 5. They can learn and use words to talk to each other and figure out problems.


Octopuses are wild animals that live alone and are very smart. They know how to get through mazes, do games, and even use tools. They can get out of locked tanks by unscrewing the lids and defend themselves by looking like other species.


Pigs are smart and like to be around other animals. They can learn tricks faster than dogs. They know how to use mirrors, move things around, and are emotionally intelligent.


People love dogs for their loyalty and friendship, but let's not forget how smart man's best friend is! Some breeds can read body language and understand more than 150 words.