7 Summer Recipes to Try This Season

With fresh mango salsa, this meal tastes like dessert. Try these crab cakes on your next beach trip or savor island flavors at home while picturing yourself on the beaches.

Crab Cakes With Key Lime Mayonnaise

This simple supper takes 25 minutes. Quick-cooking shrimp and tomatoes simmer in a pan while noodles cook. Combining them finishes dinner.

Shrimp and Burst Cherry Tomato Pasta

A relaxing summer day with crispy fried catfish is always a winner. Serve with lemon wedges and hush puppies.

Classic Fried Catfish

Sheet pan dinners let you enjoy summer without washing dishes. The main and sides cook together.

Baked Caprese Chicken With Green Beans and Corn

This chicken is so amazing you need napkins. First, coat the chicken with brown sugar and spices and air fried until browned. Finish with a sticky, sweet barbecue sauce to make it seem like cooked

Air Fryer BBQ Chicken

These peppers filled with rice, sausage, and Parmesan and baked in marinara will be the star of your next supper. Add color to your dinner with multicolored peppers

Skillet Stuffed Peppers

These juicy pork chop sandwiches are faster than jerked pork but just as popular at your next BBQ. The sandwiches are served with sweet apple butter and pungent

Pork Chop Sandwich