7 Secrets To Running for Weight Loss

You are currently participating in a traditional kind of procrastination: knowledge gathering. Research sounds important, but it generally leads to analysis paralysis. Know that you can adjust your plan, but delayed action makes it harder.

Just Start Moving

It's tempting to declare that you'll only eat green smoothies for breakfast, follow a 16-hour intermittent fasting program, and go to the gym every morning.

One Change at a Time

Let's discuss not aiming for gold on day one and other little changes. I know many beginner runners aim for the marathon! They're eager, driven, and terrified out when 3 miles feels like forever and they have 23.2 more to run.

Don’t Over Commit

Running for weight loss is good, but nutrition is key. It's one of the most crucial steps to using running for weight loss. You can't outrun a lousy diet, especially as you get older!

Focus on Eating The Right Amounts

I wish I had learned this earlier. I was doing great eating 7-9 servings of fruits and veggies daily but probably only getting 50 grams of protein.

Eat Enough Protein

Research suggests that strength workouts may result in greater fat loss compared to running. Naturally, combining the two has always had the greatest impact! Running alone will tone your legs, but strength training is better for muscular building.

Include Strength Training

They claim it's usual to mix thirst and hunger, but I disagree. I know that dehydration retains water! It is. Your body holds onto all the water the next time you drink because it doesn't know where it's coming from.

Stay Hydrated