7 One-Day Arizona Road Trips That End In Sedona

Tucson To Sedona

Sedona, Arizona, is 3.5 hours away from downtown Tucson. Driving next to Sedona's red sandstone rocks is an amazing sight that visitors will never forget. Despite looking a lot like the Southwest, Sedona offers a different kind of breathtaking beauty with its wide valleys and vibrant rocks.

Kingman To Sedona

There is no other road journey like this one in Arizona. You'll follow the historic Route 66 route and discover the undiscovered gems of Oak Creek Canyon as tourists travel from Kingman to Sedona. Start your road vacation in Kingman and travel east.

Page To Sedona

Take a road trip that will move your spirit from Page to Sedona, stopping along the way to see the breathtaking scenery of Monument Valley and the vibrant Navajo Nation. Every mile along Highway 89 showcases the breathtaking beauty of Arizona's natural surroundings. 

Scottsdale To Sedona

About two hours' drive from Scottsdale lies Sedona, a well-liked vacation spot for those who enjoy the great outdoors, fine art, and spas. Pine trees, deep valleys, and red-rock buttes around this ethereal hideout, creating an unusual scene that blends understated beauty with Wild West themes.

Phoenix To Sedona

Travelers looking for a one-day road trip in Arizona might want to explore traveling from Phoenix to Sedona, which is a gorgeous route. They will see the stunning desert vistas and Sedona's well-known sandstone formations en route. 

Prescott To Sedona

Vacationers will take Highway 89 south from Prescott to Sedona on this Arizona road trip, enjoying the picturesque scenery as they reach Jerome. Travelers are treated to breathtaking views of the untamed terrain below as Highway 89A climbs towards Mingus Mountain.

Flagstaff To Sedona

The journey from Flagstaff to Sedona is among the most scenic drives in the American Southwest. The one-day excursion culminates in Sedona offers plenty of sights and activities.