7 Easy Ways To Avoid Jet Lag While Travelling

Book An Overnight Flight

When booking an overnight flight (sometimes called a red-eye flight), you ll be arriving early in the morning at your destination. This means you have more hours of daylight on arrival which is a key factor in beating jet lag.

Don t Overbook

My guideline for longer trips is don't overbook your first 48 hours . Similar to my tip above, if you expect at least minor jet lag, don't overpack and overstress yourself before your trip.

Prepare For The Change

Adjusting your alarms by a few hours before the trip might deceive your body into believing you're there. You should get up earlier and sleep later while travelling east.

Get Uninterrupted Sleep

Try to sleep uninterrupted for at least three days before your vacation. Well-rested bodies are at their best, preventing jet lag. Feeling exhausted on the road can make you feel worse.

Sleep On The Overnight Flight

The overnight flight arrives early in the morning. You should sleep! Because this will assist your body adjust to waking up in the morning of the arrival destination and resume a regular day/night cycle.

Get Help To Sleep

One of my luckiest traits is that I am able to sleep even if I am not tired. Not everyone is as lucky, so what you can do is make yourself comfortable with a neck pillow & use a travel-friendly sleep mask and earplugs.

Don t Use Sleeping Aids

If you have trouble sleeping, I don't think sleeping pills are a good idea. They might help you fall asleep on the plane, but they will make it take longer to get used to the new time zone. You will feel tired and confused when you wake up.