7 Braid Trends We Can't Wait to Wear This Year

Boho Braids

Celebrities like Zoe Kravitz, Jordyn Woods, and Jhene Aiko are big fans of boho braids, which feature loose, curly hair pieces throughout the braids. Some versions achieve a fuller, more voluminous look by adding a lot of curly hair, while others leave a few tendrils out in select places.

Braided Bobs

After years of knee and butt-length braids trending, people are ready to try something new like a braided bob. Braids can help you achieve the look of a bob without cutting your natural hair.

Curly Feed-In Braids

There is an uptick in requests for tightly curled ends, especially with styles like straight-back feed-in cornrows. The luscious curls give your hair an island vibe, and even when styled in a bun, a few curls hang down, adding to the look.

Butterfly Cornrows

Butterfly braids, featuring chunky cornrows and lots of curls, are highly requested. The key to this look is creating loose cornrows and gently pulling apart the braids to achieve the desired volume and texture.

Braids with Human Hair

While synthetic braiding hair is less expensive, more clients are investing in human hair for a more natural look, lighter feel, and fewer tangles. Human hair allows for more styling options you can straighten it or wear it curly.

Micro Braids

Micro braids, trendy in the '90s and early 2000s, are making a comeback with more creative and playful styles ranging from flippy bobs to micro boho braids.

Low-Maintenance, Soft Edges

There is a growing preference for low-maintenance, soft edges. Products that promote flexibility and prevent breakage are used to achieve this look, avoiding edge control and hard sprays.