10 Most Universal Medium-Length Haircuts with Bangs

Classic Blunt Bangs

Straight-across blunt bangs that fall just above the eyebrows give a chic and timeless look, complementing medium-length hair with a sleek and sophisticated appearance.

Side-Swept Bangs

Softly swept to the side, these bangs frame the face elegantly, adding texture and movement to medium-length hair while providing a flattering, face-framing effect.

Wispy Bangs

Light and wispy bangs that gently graze the forehead soften medium-length hairstyles, creating a delicate and feminine look that suits various hair textures and face shapes.

Layered Bangs

Layered bangs blend seamlessly into medium-length hair, adding volume and texture while enhancing facial features. 

Curly Bangs

Curly bangs add a playful and youthful vibe to medium-length hairstyles, embracing natural texture and creating a fun and relaxed look that's perfect for those with curly or wavy hair.

Choppy Bangs

Edgy and textured, choppy bangs add a modern twist to medium-length haircuts, providing movement and dimension while giving off a stylish and fashion-forward vibe.

Piecey Bangs

Piecey bangs feature separated strands for a tousled and effortless appearance, offering a casual yet stylish look that pairs well with medium-length hair for an easy-to-maintain style.

Asymmetrical Bangs

Asymmetrical bangs add interest and drama to medium-length haircuts, creating a bold and statement-making look that's both edgy and sophisticated.

Micro Bangs

Short and ultra-chic, micro bangs make a bold statement on medium-length hair, adding a touch of retro flair while drawing attention to the eyes and facial features.

Feathered Bangs

Feathered bangs are soft and feathered at the ends, creating a light and airy look that adds movement and texture to medium-length hairstyles, making them universally flattering.